I want to help you present your music the right way. 
I believe that, except for motivation, all musicians need is good advice and direction, before rushing off and spending their money on Marketing, PR or management.


I CAN HELP YOU make your decisions clearbe more efficient and effective reaching your goals, help you define and specify your direction, goals, missions and work through using concrete actions. We would realize together what is important and what can be let go off.

This can be done anytime: while working on an album, deciding between song mixes, marketing questions, or between stage performances.

MY CONSULTING SERVICES include anything from album dropping, art, graphics and creative thinking, to website and new-media, email and PR texts and presentation, on a pay-per-session Basis.

Hi, I'm Eliana.

Most of my adult professional life I have worked as a manager, a producer, and a business consultant. I am also a music radio DJ for over 6 years, with radio shows both in Israel and Germany. As such, I know business, I know music, I am a fantastic adviser, and I know how to help people get their missions done. I have a sharp eye for detail, and I know good music, text or design the minute I see or hear it.

I am familiar with the many challenges musicians have and see the mistakes they make along the way - from social media management, website design, online media services, press releases and e-mail writing, all the way to on-stage presentation, marketing and merchandise - my main task is helping with time-management and prioritizing, and provide an outside-eye and advice.


Zuzz Agency, Ohad Ezrati

Israel's leading alternative Production Company

"Over the years Eliana has become a very important part of Zuzz Agency - a production company that brings Musicians to Israel - when she began to proof-read our Press Releases and edit Hebrew and English Biographies for artists we manage. Her understanding of the audience’s needs together with her knowledge of a few languages, have made Eliana our major consulting source."


Musician, Berlin

"Eliana has the great ability to mirror and reflect back on the true needs of an emerging artist and make sense in today's feeling of chaos in the music industry, especially for a new-comer."

Framed Culture Events

Yael Nachshon, Berlin

"Eliana has been an amazing help with marketing and new media questions we had, and has given us simple efficiency tips that made our work more fluent and effective."

Shlomit Fundaminsky

Choreographer, Tel-Aviv

"Eliana was my manager and producer, and until today she is my best adviser, on all artistic and business issues. Eliana has opened up the possibility of communicating with people to get ahead. She taught me how to look at a broader picture of my business, and to make sure I concentrate on what is really important, she arranged and coordinated my work and taught me to how to create goals and look ahead. Moreover, Eliana has taught me how to make decisions (or at least try to decide more quickly…)."


Shimrit Nativ, Berlin

"Eliana is my best adviser. Her good taste in music, or in anything else, makes her an excellent source for new inspiration and ideas. She is clever, experienced and fresh, and her input is always beneficial."

Bones Trio

Free Jazz, Berlin/Tel-Aviv

"With a few simple Tips, Eliana has made our online presence so much better!"

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Berlin, Deutschland


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Music Business done Right


Music. Consulting.

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